Good Student Discount

Good grades can get you into a good school, which can eventually lead to a good job, which can eventually lead to a good salary. One of the less obvious benefits of hitting the books is that it can get you cheap car insurance. Your mother was right: Studying will take you far.

Most insurance companies see younger drivers as a higher risk and, therefore, charge them higher premiums. However, full-time high school or college students can prove a level of responsibility by maintaining a GPA of 3.0 or higher, or by earning a spot on their school’s Dean’s List or Honor Roll, which can earn them lower premiums on their auto insurance.

In order to qualify for these discounts, most insurance companies will require that students submit a report card or confirmation letter from the school as proof of good academic standing. Most insurance companies do not automatically renew the discount when the policy renews, so students will have to resubmit documentation to show continued academic success.

Qualifications for this discount will vary from state to state, but most policies allow the discount for drivers ages 16 to 24. However, parents who have two or more children on the honor roll may not receive a discount for each child, but rather one family discount.
Students can also earn discounts on their insurance premiums by enrolling in driver education courses and by maintaining a clean driving record. For responsible students who have already shown dedication to academic success, this shouldn’t be too hard.

Anti-Theft/Safety Equipment Discounts

It’s commonly understood that if you own an expensive car, you will pay higher insurance premiums than if you own a clunker. This is due to a variety of factors. For one, expensive cars are worth more—and if they are damaged, they will cost more to fix. Another reason is that expensive cars are more likely to be stolen.

What many people don’t know, however, is that where they live can affect their insurance premiums. For drivers who live in areas where crime is high and car theft is common, they will see a direct impact on their car insurance quotes.
But this is not a reason to give up on cheap car insurance quotes altogether. One easy way to curb this “risk factor” is to purchase an anti-theft device for your car.

Even if you live in the safest neighborhood in the world, there is always a chance that you could have your car stolen or vandalized. But you can prevent these attacks by purchasing and installing anti-theft devices like car alarms, window etchings, LoJack, steering wheel bars, and remote vehicle disablement. In addition to guarding your car against thieves, you are giving yourself peace of mind by protecting against the inevitable heartache and hassle of replacing a stolen vehicle.

Taking measures to protect your car against theft will also result in cheaper car insurance premiums. Although how much you save depends largely on which insurance company holds your policy, you could receive up to 30% discount if you implement these devices.

You should also check your car to see if there are any factory installed features that enhance the car’s safety rating. Many cars these days come with special features like side air bags or anti lock brake, as well as special tire monitoring and collision warning devices.

Driver Education / Defensive Driver Course Discounts

If you want to get cheap car insurance, it is important to have a good driver history. To maintain a clean driving record, motorists need to understand basic laws, as well as proper behavior while on the road. If you have traffic tickets, moving violations or accidents in your driving history, insurance companies are more likely to see you as a high risk driver, and as a result, you could end up paying more money on car insurance.

One of the easiest ways to improve your “image” in the eyes of car insurance providers is to take a driver education course. By completing one of these courses and earning a certificate, you may be able to get special discounts from your insurance provider. Teenagers are required to take driver education courses before they become licensed. In addition, states often require that drivers complete this class before they can receive a learner’s permit. These classes are not strictly for younger drivers; but they tend to be taken mostly by young people.

Older drivers may want to enroll in defensive driving classes. By taking a defensive driving course, you are showing insurance companies that you are dedicated to becoming a better driver. While driver education classes provide the basic groundwork for safe driving practices, defensive driver courses are designed for more mature drivers who want extra tips on avoiding collisions and other dangerous situations. The name of the course, “defensive driving,” refers to the practice of driving while anticipating the actions of other motorists, and being prepared to react quickly and correctly.

You should always ask your insurance provider if they will offer discounts to those who enroll in driver education and defensive driver courses. Many times insurance companies won’t advertise these discounts up front. However, even if you don’t get a discount for taking the courses, the skills you learn will pay off in the future. The more you understand safe driving practices, the less likely you are to be involved in a serious accident. It stands to reason that the less accidents you are involved in, the cheaper your car insurance rates will ultimately be.

Insurance Bundling Discounts

Many car insurance companies will offer discounts to customers who purchase more than one type of policy together. For example, a person may purchase homeowner’s insurance, life insurance and auto insurance together with the same provider. Insurance companies know that this is the best way to keep getting your business, and you can take advantage of lower rates. Everyone wins.

Consumers are increasingly offered “packaged deals” these days. Just think about all the cable companies that offer internet and cable together at a set price. Cell phone companies also offer voice and text plans, as well as family plans at a lower rate when they are bundled. Car insurance companies are no different.

There are a lot of insurance companies out there that will offer you a discount if you purchase insurance for more than one vehicle. If you have more than one vehicle in your household, consider getting them insured under the same provider in order to get multiple vehicle discounts.

As always, you should research your options before starting a policy with any company. Compare numbers to make sure that you would save money by purchasing multiple plans through the same company. And always shop around. One of the easiest ways to get cheap car insurance is to compare quotes online.

Military Auto Insurance Discount

For their service to the country, military personnel – regardless of which branch – can qualify for special discounts that will help them get cheap car insurance. In some cases, military members may be required to have a commanding officer call an insurance company on their behalf, but most of the time, they just have to submit the proper documentation to qualify.

Many feel that it’s obvious to extend discounts to these individuals who make this kind of sacrifice to their country. Indeed, wherever you go — hotels, amusement parks, restaurants, or shopping centers — there is a pretty good chance that military discounts are offered. Typically, all you need to do to receive these discounts is to ask about their availability, and show a military ID. These benefits are often extended to a service member’s dependents, as well.

If you are a member of the armed forces, National Guard or Reserves — active duty or retired — you may qualify for a discount of up to 15 percent off your total auto insurance premium. It’s a pretty significant discount that can save you hundreds of dollars annually, depending on your coverage limits and your driving profile.

You’ll want to be sure to ask your insurance carrier about whether you qualify for a military auto insurance discount and what documentation you need to submit to receive it. Even if you are serving abroad, you still have to maintain insurance on any vehicle that you own, which makes the discount particularly useful. If you are leaving behind a spouse, the discount can also lighten the financial burden on your family.

Policies for military discounts will differ according to insurance carrier, so be sure to ask your company what is available and how much you can save. All branches of the military can qualify for the discount including Army members, National Guard, the Fleet Reserve, Marine Corps, and U.S. Coast Guard personnel.

New military members can begin to qualify immediately, so pass the word along to someone you know. Discounts are a great way to get cheap car insurance. Military discounts are just one easy way that you can save. If you think you may qualify for an auto insurance discount, don’t hesitate to ask your provider today. Oftentimes, insurance companies will not offer this information up front.

Safe Driver Discount

The best way to save money on your car insurance premiums is by being a safe driver. Several factors can play into how much your premium may cost you. These factors include whether you pay your bill on time, live in a low or high-risk area, or drive an older model car. If you’ve been involved in car accidents, and if you have multiple speeding tickets or other traffic violations on your record, you will likely pay much higher auto insurance premiums.

In determining your insurance premium, insurance companies look at your complete driving record and not just your accident history. So while it’s important to try and avoid an accident so your premium won’t go up, incurring any speeding tickets, reckless driving offenses, DUI or DWI convictions, or other infractions can also hurt your driving record.

The amount you can save as a result of your safe driving efforts will be different depending on your insurance carrier, with each company having different requirements. For example, some drivers can qualify for lower premiums after just three years of safe driving history, but those potential discounts will end after five straight, consecutive years of safe driving.

Other companies might give you a discount for every year of safe driving – indefinitely. But in most cases, total discounts typically max out at around 20 percent. That may not seem like much, but depending on what type of coverage you have, a 20 percent discount could save you a lot of money each year.

Driving safely has many benefits, clearly. You can protect yourself, your family, and those around you from harm, while you save on your car insurance premiums. If your aim is to find cheap car insurance, one of the main factors you can control is how safely you drive your car. Good driving habit include tips like going the speed limit and keeping up with the flow of traffic on the freeway, yielding to lane-changers, and being attentive and not distracted at all times behind the wheel.

Keeping your car in good condition will also help you remain safe and avoid accidents on the road. If you’re a commuter and frequent driver, you can save greatly by trying to be a safe driver and keeping your driving record clean!

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Discounts for Senior Drivers

Insurance companies consider young drivers and much older drivers to be more of an insurance risk, since data shows these two groups have the highest number of accidents. Therefore, these two groups are often subject to higher insurance premiums.
But many older and senior drivers can still qualify for discounts on their insurance premiums. Read here for a few of the more common discounts available:

For drivers who are age 50 years and older, many insurance companies will offer a 5 percent discount. It may seem small, but with expensive premiums, every little bit is helpful. There are other ways to get this discount. Some insurance companies don’t automatically offer the senior discount, but grant it after mature drivers take a driver safety course. To qualify, drivers should be at least 55 years or older. They will then expect a 5 percent discount for three years after completing the course. Some companies offer both discounts in tandem, so mature drivers who also elect to take the safety course can save 10 percent on their premiums.

Other discounts may include the Personal Injury Protection Discount for seniors. Many states offer a 5 percent discount for seniors who are aged 65 or older for personal injury protection. Additionally, retirees can qualify for the Retired Driver Discounts. These 5 percent discounts are offered to retirees who are seen as less of an insurance risk since they are not commuting to and from work anymore.
If you’re seeking cheap car insurance as a mature driver, it’s best to do a little research. Not every insurance company offers the same discounts, so you’ll need to ask around to find what’s best. Not all drivers may qualify, and more documentation may be required to confirm the discount.

If you currently have insurance, you should make sure your insurance agent reviews your policy on a regular basis to see if you qualify for benefits and discounts. It’s not common for insurance companies to post discount information on their site, so it’s a good idea to inquire with your agent about senior discounts from time to time. If you’re seeking cheap car insurance, the best thing to do is remain vigilant to discounts you may already be qualified for.